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Jo Lewis

Speech & Language Therapist
BMedSci (Hons) Speech

Welcome to Neuro Connections, offering specialist independent speech & Language therapy services to meet your individual needs.

With 26 years of NHS experience working in the field of neurological communication and swallowing disorders, I aim to support people to live as independently as possible in all areas of life - family, community, work, higher education and online.


Areas of expertise

Communication and swallowing difficulties in Brain Injury, Stroke and other neurological disorders

Working as a highly specialist speech & language therapist and lead clinician in a specialist community neuro rehab team for 12 years, Service manager for 5 years and a further 8 years working in a variety of neurology, neurosurgical, critical care, frailty, brain injury rehabilitation and acute hospital areas,  I am able to offer a wide range of skills and expertise.

  • Assessment for communication and swallowing disorders

  • Therapy to meet your needs

  • Training and support for families, professionals and businesses

  • Support with voice banking

  • Support with technology to access communication

  • Licensed to provide Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) for people presenting with Parkinson's Disease

  • Clinical supervision


Contact Me

Please contact me for a free consultation and for further information

Tel: 07305 192 887

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